About me

I fell in love with acting at 7 years old when my cousin suggested we play an improv game called Park Bench, when it was your turn to sit on the bench with your partner you'd have to be a different characterI, it was a revelation,  from that moment on it was the only thing I wanted to do.  Playing different characters, impersonating teachers and classmates, entertaining the other kids in the class became an obsession and it's been with me ever since. From then on I knew it got a hold of me and has never let go. I moved directly to New York City  after high school and there I attended the Actors Studio where I learned a whole new skill set with the Meisner Technique and performed in several theatatrical productions.  But it wasn't until I moved  to Chicago and became heavily involved with the improv scene that I realized I wanted to do more than just act, but I wanted to tell stories and create characters, a new world opened up to me, I fell in love with writing and creating worlds that could translate to television and film.  That's when I decided to finish my education at Columbia College Chicago where I learned all the professional tools needed to scrips and obtained my BA in writing and producing for television.  I finally made the jump to LA and where I was able to bring everything I'd learned to the table.  I've written several pilots and also booked roles in NEW GIRL, FRESH OFF THE BOAT and BROOKLYN NINE-NINE among others.  I'm excited to see what comes next!